Data collection often involves sources who are remote from the pharmacovigilance system such as clinical trial centres, subsidiary offices and distributors. It is not always desirable to give direct access to the pharmacovigilance database for these users.

PV-Express is an extension to our PV-Works database that allows you to create data entry forms as pdf files that may be distributed to these sources or placed on a website. The case data is entered by the reporter (using Adobe Reader software which is both free and universally available). The data is submitted via a secure internet link and is transcribed automatically into the database in minutes.

The actual form is designed to your specification and uses the same vocabulary data as PV-Works, thus ensuring both consistency and quality of the data.




Data entry forms can be designed in almost any language – including Kanji, Chinese and Arabic. Using local languages increases acceptance of the need to report and promotes data quality. On import to the PV-Works database the originator’s form is stored as an attachment to the case and the data itself is translated into English.






For further information download our PDF : PV-Express.


  • Extend data collection to a wider group of users
  • Allow partners, customers and patients to submit case data
  • Automated import into the PV-Works database
  • Multiple language capability for greater local acceptance


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