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"We were happy to find the embrace and respect Ennov gave, which we felt was a rare shared business model."

Within a year, Ennov PV-247 gave PDS a comprehensive and time efficient solution, that requires no IT expertise, to meet all of their expectations for case processing and reporting, MedDRA coding, signal detection, and Med writing in PSUR.

PDS (Pure Drug Safety) is a pharmacovigilance consultancy service provider based in the UK. Founded in 2005, PDS offers pharmacovigilance and regulatory services to healthcare and life science companies to help “Pharma make sense of drug safety”. PDS has over 60 years of experience working alongside national and international and biotech companies. PDS has a range of clients throughout Europe, the US, and the Far East. After completing thousands of successful submissions, they are now recognized as leaders in the field.